Entry: Dispersal

by Sleepsculptor

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Entry: Dispersal is Sleepsculptors debut 2019 record.


released September 27, 2019

Hunter Derr
Ben Pypiak
James Slattery
Jake Moyer
Kuyler Massam
Travis Antoniello

Co-Writing from: Logan Beaver
Mix/ Master/ Engineering: Eric Novroski

Vocal features from: Carson Pace
& Sean Richmond


all rights reserved



Sleepsculptor Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania



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Track Name: Incomplete Forgot
Flash flood moods
and coping
wrong again
Adhered me to this desperate feeling
While I’m still
staring at the ceiling

Letter to the man who deemed
himself debased

Not even my blood feels what is
poignant to me, I cant wait until
you're looking at me the very same
way I used to look up to you

nobody really gets
the feeling

Bottom shelf life
And It’s reeks of chemicals
The ether eats at his skin
Just like a curse

I stop shut down and stare

These manic abberations
cause my mind to oscillate
It’s seems like there’s only
here I don’t believe in
the fate that draws near

Too much contemplation and
negative debiety
my head
it is the end
you're never reciprocated
by the ones you've abetted
Track Name: Water Under The Bridge
My past reflecting through my eyes
Im about to jump this bridge so tell me as to why I shouldn't
This life is static, robotic.
Abeyant, in my head.
Going nowhere
Going nowhere
Going nowhere
And its driving me mad

Lights flash by my eyes
But I won’t sympathize
With myself anymore
I’m sick
With a skewed view
I can’t handle it
Consuming what’s left of my time

Calcified over time
Into something valueless
Anchored by this
Burden I keep
take it from me
take it from me
Take it all

Motion sickness
Has me spinning
and it’s dizzying

As if You could decide anyway
What if I decided I don’t want to say anything?
Thinking of the solace
In my heads like a home to me
Cycling through the phases keeps me wondering,

I dont know if I can bear with it
Dejection seizes comfort
Guess it doesnt matter I'm already
Exposed to this evil phenomenon
Rescind my life

left foot planted
firmly on the ledge,
Stagnant air with no time left
Quietly spoken to no one, under his breath
“They won’t miss me and I won’t miss this”

And As if from nowhere
A gestured urevealed,
purpose promised, power granted and knowledge prescribed
“I can take you somewhere, much better than here”
Almost familiar but the eyes tell of a warning sign

But then it was promised, I give you my word
Keep talking to yourself and you’ll never be heard

It’ll your life
It’ll change our life
It’ll change your life for the better
Track Name: A Transmutation
This is the first step
Fogged up lens
with an empty vessel to match

Couldn’t get to far without this
A sacrament for your passage

It's time you choose
Oasis is accepting donations
Just simply give your mind,
your body, you're entire being

let go,
just give yourself to the cause
Forceful rejection, is the only option
Oh Lucky you, what are the odds
Just relax and let it run its course

Fostering a distaste for antiquity
While Still trying to latch on to sanity

Suicide was tantalizing but I cannot turn back
Witnessed all their operations as they're leering so sneeringly.
members raising their eyebrows

They talk amongst themselves while I'm strapped violently in the crypt of the compound below to this fucking filthy examination table surrounded by each representative as they begin to to mumble forcing goblets of sour liquid down my throat as some sort of ephemeral initiation
not much longer I'm feeling myself running from the sounds of terror
Track Name: Relinquished (feat. Carson Pace of The Callous Daoboys)
It wasn’t something that could be sustained
the words that seeped from your mouth
or the starry eyed gaze
The houses we built were far too brittle
Painted is us drowning In a light so shallow

Accept the gift before you depart. A chance at an unforeseen opportunity of a lifetime
Erroneous notion

This is not what I signed up for
Blooming backwards
my roots
reach towards
The time before

mouth full of dirt, throat full of
rustic passages
I shed my teeth and plant them into the earth

The last time you'll ever know yourself as you truly thought you would.
Slipped out of my psyche
just needed a breather
raw air stained my lungs
Never getting easier

To a place so minuscule
You think it’ll make
All my baggage
just disappear?
Wrap up your assets
You've become one of us
A ceremonial metamorphosis

We use prophets as fossil fuels
We call the heat wave a “mystery”
But she is earthly, she does not have a Captain
But many heads that are
I start to forget all your songs about nothing
Track Name: Hidden Garden Ceremonial
We are all bound by this charismatic sect

How can you bask in the life you lead?
A grim place that you
Sunk your teeth into
And I bet you think
That i
didnt see anything

Is a
Bold attempt
to get a straight faced lie
From a shell

Gripping onto formidable dialect
Does nothing for you
when the
Swines blood
stains your lips

Trigger the process of repurpose there upon the giver will be taking part as an offering.
Thank you for your being

You just heard it man, they chop up your body and fucking leave you for dead

The ground pulsates
The doors closing
Track Name: Liber Null (feat. Sean Richmond of Arsonists Get All The Girls)
Thinking of home, feeling uneasy.
Am I trapped in this place?

smirk as You act as a precursor
To the rats that devoured us

Gnawing at the
walls Of this Maze will be
The Last
Last thing I do
Before I Wither away
Into dust

For assistance
As if
You deserve it

Choking on the words with a knife to my neck memories clouded
by all the blood flowing to my head

There is no free will
This chalice we drink.
On the contrary, this cup is not what
my kind of tea is

I feel my thoughts scattering on the floor in the pool of your blood
Nothing can bring you back
You cant make me whole again
Your love was everything
Your death meant everything to me
Track Name: Artifice
Filled with fear and exhaustion
at a breakneck pace, and it’s taken in stride
Lack of air brings on
Keep muttering to yourself
You really wanna die?
Over stepping boundaries
And getting careless quickly
I think you see what I saw inside
Forget what you know and follow behind

Feel the pressure catching up with me
And who are you
Another face to blame?
I see the light at the end of the tunnel

Still this gut-drop feeling
calamitous kismet I can feel
It gaining up on me
I can tell what's bothering,
Keep looking over your shoulder
Who knows if you'll make it promptly
I have been watching you struggle

and through it all, incessant
memories that i've never known
slip in and out regressing
into this antithesis

Feel the pressure catching up with me
And who are you
Another face to blame?
I see the light at the end of the tunnel

Why did I trust my gut again
And who am I
But a blank disgrace
About to be devoured by the gods

Everything I’m running from
are things I can’t per
Ceive Under the gun

Cruel games are only played
By people who feel the same
But now I can’t escape
Track Name: A Deity Conceived In A Petri Dish
The flood gates are drawn
permeate the soil
Crush the contract in your palm
And eat
the pain

And now
It feels like dispersal
The last place I left myself,
has lost it’s sense of self

Then after all of this is over
Where do you plan to go?
Just pack up your spirit
And leave a thank you note?
Lay side by side, just like the rest
Release yourself, because you asked for it

Brace yourself limited motions
Panic rushes up my face
Racing the angst
Trying just to repel from radical danger

And I know it looks bad
But that’s because our visions don’t match
And I dont care to see otherwise

There’s a demand to be damned
And I’m doing my part one last time

Thank you for participating
this productive assemblance
Your role will play crucially
For the next in line

Handing off my carcass

Call it an oblation
that is all what this was

Just an intricately fashioned

Consumed by
Everything I touch turns to sand
Falls from under

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